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Hello, I´m Mirjam, phonetically  [MIRR] + [EE] + [UHM].


I`m a Norwegian artist and since 2011, I have been living in Los Angeles.

Born July 21, 1980 in Bergen, Norway, I grew up in my parent’s frame shop in the picturesque town of Norheimsund, by the Hardangerfjord in West Norway, also known as Vestland.


"Dreamscapes" is a collective title for an ongoing series I`m focusing on, since 2019. The last 10 years I have been experimenting, in what I wanted to achieve, bringing my earlier more graphic paintings to a new level, a progression in the thread they started and developed into.


 I am not a fan of titles. I feel they often are forced by someone else other than the artist. I don’t mind them for another artist’s work, if they choose so, but I feel like a liar when I name a piece.

From here on, I am giving my “Dreamscapes" only a number. Fine art already has too many restrictions, and the last thing it needs is a title, which should be the artist's personal preference anyway.


What is a "Dreamscape"?

It’s the unexpected memories that show up in a blink of an eye, and we forgot they existed. The familiar shapes and colors we recognize, but cannot reach. The complex identity of colors, especially when they meet side by side in shapes. I am continually seeking to identify the “personality” of color and shape in sharp separations next to one another.


Social Media?

I have tried social media, and that’s why I’m not active on it.

However, I have received some reviews I believe come from an honest place.

“No 14” has been called the “Nemo painting” by several…

“No 15 “has been referred to as the "Mickey Mouse ears”, 

and “No 21” has been seen as a balloon-twist-animal”. 

These reviews come from an honest place in our memory, our very own landscape of dreams, and I cherish them more than “thumbs up” likes.

Thank you for the visit!

                                                                    Mirjam, July 20th, 2022

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