I`m a Norwegian artist living in Los Angeles these days. I grew up in my parents frame shop in the pictorial town of Norheimsund, by the Hardangerfjord in West Norway. Norheimsund is one of the most beautiful towns in the world - almost as pretty as the island group of Austevoll, where I use my late grandfather´s old barn as a painting studio while visiting there for months at a time. Knowing it rains heavily (more than Seattle or Vancouver) in this part of Norway, one will always need a roof !

After spending most of my twenties in colleges and universities, I happily fill my days with the same excitement I did as a child. I´m painting, drawing and creating every week..


In 2000 I attended the National Academy of the Arts in Bergen, Norway, and exchanged to Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna, Italy a year later. In Italy I studied under Professor Clementé Fava, who was a previous student of the Cezanne inspired still-life painter Georgio Morandi.
After returning from Italy, I continued to study art history for another year at the Bergen University.


In 2004 I moved to Oslo to expand my artistry and studied Special Makeup Effects. After graduating, I decided to pursue a degree in dental engineering and facial prosthetics, to get authorization to work on patients with missing facial parts.

While studying in Oslo, I worked at Galleriets Rammeverksted, a reputable art and frame shop in Oslo, working exclusively with art originals from private collectors, museums and art belonging to the Kingdom’s Castle, Slottet.


In regards to my background as a graphic designer, I begin with what I refer to as "bad resolution", meaning I begin with random objects, such as a tree, a bird, a figure, an abstract composition, and break them down into a "collage effect". To strengthen the quality of each color and give them new values, I work with solid colors applied in multiple layers.



Educational background:


Bergen National Academy of the Arts 2000-2003:

Bachelor of Visual Communication; graphic design and illustrations


Accademia Di Belle Arti, Bologna, Italia 2002/03:

Insizione; graphical printing


Bergen University 2003-2004:

Art History, basic course


Nordic Institute for Scene and Studio 2004:

Diploma, Special Makeup Effects


Oslo University College 2006-2009:

Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.), Dental Engineering and Facial Prosthetics