Friends 4 ever.
Friends 4 ever.
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Telling stories from a Detroit hotel room.

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Puppet on break.
Puppet on break.
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Puppet by the graves.
Puppet by the graves.

Mirjam directing the puppet at the cemetery.

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An extrovert person who loves people, socializing and telling stories.

Sharing photos from his private life, work, and adventures with great enthusiasm on social media, I had to ask myself if it was possible at all, to contribute with a new angle and new information, when it seems like every story and photo already has been shared.

In a time when it`s common to create another self, who lives it`s own life on social media, how can I create a portrayal communicating the actual identity of a human? The reality you can not find on IMDB or Wikipedia.


Making this film, I searched for something a little hard to define, but perhaps could connect stronger through visual expressions.


Personally, I never saw any of the classical monster-movies, such as 

“Creature From the Black Lagoon”, “King Kong”, “Frankenstein” or “Godzilla”.

And I wasn`t going to see them -yet. Not until finishing the film, anyway.

I had to find other tools to illustrate the monster`s heartaches.

To me , using well known pieces from the art-history, came naturally.

The bottom in ourselves is usually the bottom in other people too.

Monsters included.

Gradually it became evident to me; it is the monster`s survival instinct Howard identifies with. That life can be tough, but still worth living.

                                                                       -Mirjam-       June 14th  2017


Howard Berger.


December 20th 1964, Los Angeles.


Los Angeles.


Special makeup-effects artist

Co-owner of KNB EFX Group inc.



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