Ink-drawing outside the house, June 2017.

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Girl at the bar.
Girl at the bar.

Sketch from a scene inspired by Monet`s "A Bar at the Folies-Bergère" and E.Eriksen`s sculpture "The Little Mermaid".

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Sketch from a scene inspired by A.Rodin`s sculpture "The Thinker".

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King Kong.
King Kong.

Sketch from a scene inspired by F. Goya`s etching "The Giant".

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Mirjam Clement.


July 21st 1980 in Bergen, Norway.


Los Angeles (since 2011).



Bergen National Academy of the Arts



Accademia Di Belle Arti, Bologna, Italy.



Bergen University, Norway.




 When introducing myself I usually say; 

“ I`m Mirjam with a “j” but it`s pronounced the same way as “miriam”. I`m from the art-world.”


I have come to the conclusion, saying “art-world” is more honest from my perspective, and easier to take in for the strangers I engage in conversations. It`s not as scary as “artist”.


Like many others from “the art world”, I do so much more than painting and drawing.

This film has pretty much been a one (wo)man show.

With the exception of the music, the puppet and the puppeteering I have created everything from the first idea to the DCP. To this website.

Just like life itself, there are no shortcuts in creating and inventing. Everything has to be learned somehow.


I have been lucky enough to visit several film sets and productions. 

However, I have zero film background. I have never visited a film school, a film festival or been to a workshop of any kind.

I spent very limited time infront of the TV as a child.

My parents told us  we could get square eyes.

Thank God it was impossible to get square eyes from drawing on a square piece of paper for hours…


Perhaps my lack of film-education is a minus. 

I strive to use it as a plus.


I remember very well the pure joy of drawing and painting as a child. I won my fist drawing competition when I was four years old, and many followed later.

Children are all superstars when creating. 


The love for art will always be there, but the joy and happiness around creating changed as I got older. Not for worse or better, but agendas in art and life are established, the innocence disappear,

and never returns later. 

Once I got into the only art college I wished to join at the time, I realized that even there, you will be told what`s wrong and what`s right to do and think. In art and design. 

That being said, I would never be without the likeminded people with similar frustrations and different expressions, you can only find in educational institutions.

Education is important - to meet people.


Being closer to forty than four; with this film, I wanted to see if it was possible, for one last time, to create something with the same joyful enthusiasm I had when I was four, before I`m learning what`s wrong to do in movie-making.

I have no film school to satisfy, and no financial sponsors to please.

Most importantly: No “artist`s block” from the “art world”. Amazing.


The experience was very similar to drawing rainbows  and hunting squirrels in 1984.    :-)

                                                                                        -Mirjam-                    June 12th 2017